Lagoon Circle Hook Jig

The only jig hook to conform to current Reef Fish Regulations in the Gulf of Mexico.



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Lagoon Circle Hook Jigs with Fish Head

Circle Hook Jigs

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November 5, 2014


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After fishing freshwater lakes, streams, ponds, rivers for 40 plus years in and in various Bass and Crappie tournaments, I have been working with  Captain Leo Hiles, Fishing Instructor, who has over 50 years of experience of Inshore Fishing Techniques and with Former Tournament Champion Greg Noel, who also has over 50 years of experience, together we have developed jigs for saltwater which has proven to be the all around jig for catching fish.

 This jig is the bait that can be fished in various ways depending on the water conditions, time of the year, depth the fish are feeding, and imitate what they are feeding on. There are many different sizes and various colors of jigs that are appropriate for specific techniques and tactics for catching fish.

If an angler spends enough time to learn what size jig and what color jig the fish prefer on the day he is fishing, often having a wide selection of jigs can be the difference between catching and not catching fish. All of our jigs are made with name brand hooks and the finish is a long-lasting durable baked on powder paint finish.


All of our products are available at LAGOON BAIT & TACKLE 4233 North US Highway 1, Edgewater, FL  32141 Phone: 386-345-0043 Ask for Alan

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